We teach acting for the practical world. We teach acting tips and resources for the wild professional world of acting. We teach how to react and act without acting. We do exercises and homework towards getting better at weaknesses and perfecting your strengths. We want every one of our students to be ready for the real audition and work when it comes down to it. We offer: Hour long (additional time available upon request) private lessons Skype coaching On-set coaching Last minute appointments Private lesson + audition filming combination appointments

Film scene work
Commercial acting
Improv skills
Monologue prep for professional agencies
Audition prep
Skills to help compete in the industry
Character/relationship building
Script Writing
Taped Classes
Taped Auditions
One-on-One training
Professional headshots
Professional Agency Submission Coaching
Demo Reels
Classes tailored to age
Private lessons
$45/one-on-one training our with our coach
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