AM Acting Studio Summer Workshop 
We are hosting a scene study class for actors of all skill levels. 
Classes are July 28th and 29th from 10AM-2PM. 
We will be working on collaboration, conflict and building relationships. We will work on how to react and create real characters within a film setting. As part of the curriculum, we will be working in an audition tape setting. Students will be given scripts to work on and will come in Sunday ready to film an audition tape.
We’ve added Rome Talent, casting director Andrew Aguilar and director Natasha Straley to our guest list! They will be in to give valuable insight and feedback for actors participating! This is a great opportunity for actors to be seen and interact with local industry leaders.
Students will leave the course with two HD professional quality audition tapes of the scene provided. This will be a good real-life experience of how to work with audition filming in a safe environment. Students will leave the course with a more thorough understanding of character development, reacting, scene study and audition filming.
Due to course material, we will be accepting ages 16+ only for this course. If you are looking for classes for younger ages, please email us at, thank you!​​​​​​​
How to register: Sign up below to begin registration for the course. Paypal invoice must be complete to be registered for the course.
New discounted rate: $250 
Class dates are: July 28th and 29th from 10AM-2PM.
Class location: Studio HighKey - 1333 Buena Vista St, Ste 209, San Antonio, Texas 78207
Students who participate will be eligible for discounted headshots and future audition filming with AM Acting Studio.
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Thank you for you interest in our workshop! We will be contacting you soon!
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